Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's the size that counts!

I'm off for a Nordic Walk, this is the start of my Nordic adventures on a very urban estate in Leeds. Now if you see people walking down the street with sticks in your hands around here, you'd normally start walking in the opposite direction. Not anymore, i'm on a mission to become an estate icon, if you see me pip your horn.

What the hell is Nordic Walking I hear you ask, well so did I yesterday. The power of google and you tube has led me on the not so steep path to learning. I started here like a friend, (you know who you are Lucy), suggested.

I then went on a quest for poles, and as I found out, it really is the size that counts. You need to work out what size you need in accordance with your height. Good old ebay turned up some for £12.99 including postage, and they came in less than 24hrs!!!

I was itching to get out all day however i'm a busy mum of 3 young kidlets and although I can sling the baby, Nordic walking and 2 year olds do not mix. When dinner was cleared I gather my sticks, put the lead on the dog and go.

Lesson no1, it's pretty hard to hold a dog lead when you're Nordic walking. I was pretty relieved when we got to the beck and I could let her off. Away I went, wow, it's exhilarating. It made the hills so easy. I'm very unfit and I managed to walk a mile in no time. It's such a great thing to do.

It's the first step to a fitter me, I have a lot of weight to lose, yet this made me feel like it wasn't a struggle to walk at speed. So i'm keeping this blog of my quest to lose weight and get active.

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